esukDe  nieuwsbrief van ES-UK (Electrosensitivity UK) van oktober 2014 is uitgekomen.

Altijd zeer uitgebreid en informatief met enkele interessante onderwerpen. Zoals.....


Enkele interessante uitspraken/onderwerpen:

- Professor Pall:  "Over 20,000 studies show EM effects below current heating-based safety limits. Fictional heating limits are no longer relevant"


- Dr Nehru quoted a German study which said if a cordless phone is ringing two rooms away then the intensity of the energy emitted is equivalent to the sound energy from a Boeing 707. "It's as if you are sleeping on your pillow and a Boeing 707 aircraft is right over you," he said


- Increasing headaches
In 2013 patients with severe headaches were taken to hospital 19,000 times, a 12% rise on 2012
(The Times of London, 17th June).


- One environmental illness?
A Dutch study using questionnaires and surveys of medical records of 5073 non-sensitive individuals, and of non-specific physical symptoms reported by 514 patients with self-reported general environmental sensitivity and 202 with idiopathic environmental intolerance attributed to electromagnetic fields (IEI-EMF), concluded that "The substantial overlap between the sensitive groups strengthens the notion that different types of sensitivities might be part of one, broader environmental illness."
(Baliatsas C et al, J Psychosom Res., 2014).

- Do children know laptop and tablet radiation limits are 20 cm (8 inches)?
The current radiation safety limits for laptops and tablets usually assume the user is 20 cm (8 inches) from the device. This is
rarely true in practice. Children may not know these limits. They may also not know that these limits were designed for healthy
adult males for a maximum of 30 minutes averaged over 6 minutes, not children who can absorb 2-3 times as much
radiation and may use an iPad for more than 6 minutes, and that these limits do not protect against long-term effects like cancer and dementia.

- Research scientist hit by ES
Dr Richard Conrad, a research scientist in Hawaii (, records how he realised that he has EHS

I am a hands-on experimental basic research scientist, very objective, with a good nose for artifacts. I know how to keep my variables separate - one thing at a time. I am a real techie and love electronic devices. EHS is absolutely real.


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