frank cleggVoormalig Microsoft president van Canada Frank Clegg geeft zijn visie op de ontwikkelingen rondom de veiligheid en gezondheid van draadloze technologieen.

Hij geeft aan dat er vanuit de industrie geen onderzoeken worden gedaan die de mogelijke uitwerkingen op de gezondheid onderzoeken.

[Sep 2019]

Frank Clegg (Former President Of Microsoft Canada) has released an insider’s view educational video regarding the health and safety concerns of 5G and wireless technologies.

The video outlines the most current research and data on wireless technologies, its implications and potential impacts to human health. It also makes a call for policy makers and industry to explore the achievable safer solutions that will allow us to retain all the benefits of our technology, but safely.

Frank joins hundreds of scientists, experts and medical professionals from around the world in appealing to world health organizations, policy makers and governments calling for more studies and safer technological products, practices and policy at all levels.

Video :